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This presentation showcases a cycle of all-pink words, exemplifying Vatanajyankur's long-term investigations of feminism, labour, technology and the ways these realms intersect. 

In three videos from her Air series (2021), Vatanajyankur uses domestic and bodily analogies to address the state of polluted air. In her signature approach, she mobilizes her own body as a primary medium, transforming herself into a vacuum and inhaling large amounts of dust. Using the machine as a stand-in for the human body, she not only considers the exhaustive role of female labour within domestic households, but also produces an acute critique of the industrial destruction. Her laborious performance-video methodology continues in Lady Papaya (2023) and Lady Coconut (2023), with the latter work debuting on the occasion of the fair. Both videos are set in the kitchen, which has been traditionally viewed as a feminine domain. Rendering her body as part of various culinary tools, she engages in exhaustive and repetitive actions, reflecting on the way female bodies are undervalued and exploited by patriarchal norms.

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